About Me

Welcome to Joy In The Journey!  My name is Pam Kennedy.  I am a  woman who is sold out to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I'm married to a wonderful husband named Bo.  We have a son Kaleb(5) who is in Kindergarten.  I also have another son named Kyle(23) and a daughter named Tonya(21).  Our newest blessing is Dylan, my first grandbaby!!!! We live in a great little town in Mississippi.  The Lord is alive and active and we are so very thankful for all that He does.  He has been leading me down a road on a journey.  My sweet Blogger friend Traci designed the blog and is such an inspiration to me. 

I enjoy studying The Word and hearing Him speak in His love letter.  Other things that I am passionate about.....well, this is in no particular order....
Church Involvement
Community/School Involvement
Jewelry Making
Teaching Childbirth Classes
Doula (Childbirth Coach)
Going to the beach
Running- especially 5K's, Half Marathons

Well, now you know about me.  I hope you will join me on this journey.  Its going to be wonderful!!!!


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