Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bible Study

You have had a glimpse into what my time looks like. You have a list of instruments. You have a copy of His Word. So let's get started.

This is really simple and yet so very powerful.  I'll give you the outline of what you can use.  Then I'll give you an example of how to do it.  It's amazing to watch and see how something so simple can just simply change how you look at scripture and your time with Him.  This is not a time where I am worried about the red pen of the English Teacher.  I don't use complete sentences.  I write in abbreviations and fragments.  This is for me and my time. 

Let's get started.....

#1 What does it say? 
This is the easy part.  Do Not Make This Hard.  Literally list out on a piece of exactly what it says.  Don't change the words.  Write it just as it is written

#2 What does it mean? 
This is still easy and straight forward.  Main goal is to NOT ADD to His Word.  Write down what it means.  This does not require a Master of Theology Degree.  

#3 What does it say to me?
This is the the powerful part.  It's amazing to see how something so simple as these 3 questions could be.  Go  back and read over the sections that you just completed in question #2.  This is where it comes to life and the rubber meets the road.  This is application in the simplest form and it is just amazing.  Make it in the form of a question and then use it as a time of journaling.

Here is your sample..........

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whosoever believes in Him would have eternal life. 
John 3:16

#1- What does it say?
 God loved us so much.  He gave His One and Only Son.  Whosoever believes in Him=Eternal life.

#2-What does it mean?
 GOD LOVES ME!  He gave His Son. His One and Only. I believe=eternal life.

#3 What does it say to me? 
Can my mind comprehend that the God of this world loves me?
Do I understand He loves me so much that He was willing to send His Only Son?
Do I understand the sacrifice that He made for me?
Because of my belief of Him, I have eternal life.  Have I thanked Him for His love of me? 

Now I can take those questions from #3 and start journaling and answering the questions.  Praying while writing and really listen to what is flowing out of you pen and your heart.  The Lord can use it!!!  It's so simple but yet so very powerful. 

If you are looking for where to start.  Start in John, Luke or even Matthew.  Otherwise you can use the scripture that you are studying for a Bible Study or even Sunday School.

I would love for you to share.  Please share what you use.  Share if this is helpful!  I really want to hear from you.

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