Tuesday, October 9, 2012

God Answers Prayers!

My Mom left to go to Spain on a Mission Trip.  She had a wonderful time and really enjoyed it from what I hear.  I haven't had a chance to talk to her yet because she just got home yesterday.  She was exhausted I am sure.  Many a mission trip I have been on and when you get home, your body is a little confused as whether you are suppose to be asleep or awake.  Hopefully will get to talk to her sometime today.  I can't wait to hear!!!!!  God Answers Prayers!!!!!

I so enjoy my blog.  I always said that it didn't matter if anyone ever read it or not.  It was a place for me to journal and to share and someday make it into a book to share with my children or my grandchildren at some point in my life.  He lead me to do a makeover and change things for the blog and for that I am very grateful.  God Answers Prayers!!!!

Why do I do what I do?  Why do I sit and pick pictures to put on this blog. Why do I think that I have something to share with the world?  To be honest, I had that really pressing on me the last couple of days.  I wrote a series last week on studying The Word.  Something that I am truly passionate about.  My Savior is my passion!  I had allowed my brain to overtake me.  "Why are you doing this?", "What do you have to say that a million others have not already said?", "Why bother?".  Obviously my brain was over working my heart.  I was just really thinking and rethinking about what I was suppose to be doing.  I was just really frustrated.  THEN>>>>>>God answers my head and assures my heart.  I received a message on Facebook.  It was from a friend.  Someone I know very well.  This is what she wrote in her message.....

I know you are posting on your blog how to study his word and I am so thankful that you are doing it. I still have the cards you made me before...:-)smile
I really wish though that I had taken the time while you were here to take a couple days to really spend some quality hours with you doing this one on one!!!! Please don't stop trying to help us that really need it!!! Your work is not going unnoticed!!!! Thank you :-)smile......God Answers Prayers!!!!!!

I was amazed!!!!!  I was over joyed and couldn't even respond to her message because of being so very blessed.  And then just to make sure I heard it clear, I get a text message last night to update me on a situation I had been praying for and her text comes back....."I love what you are doing on your blog"  ONCE AGAIN----GOD ANSWERS PRAYER!!!!

He hears our prayers. 
He longs to answer them. 
Pour your heart out!!!! 
WATCH for Him TO ANSWER!!!!!!

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