Friday, November 2, 2012


So, we are all excited about the holidays that are coming. 
The planning.
The parties.
The family.
The food.
The cooking.
The stress.

Well, in the midst of all of that, I would like to challenge you.  I'm sure that you may already be doing this but I would like to remind you and challenge you as well.  Really consider what you are thankful for.  I mean REALLY thankful for.  Things maybe that you would not consider.  I must confess that when I watch the news lately it just makes me more and more thankful. The storm that hit the US known as Sandy has made me so grateful and thankful.  It just breaks my heart when I watch the news. I have been in a hurricane and been in the remnants of a hurricane.  It's a very humbling experience.  It makes you realize what is important.  What could you live without? What about all of the "Stuff" that we have, could you live without it? 

As we approach the holidays, please keep your attitude of gratitude in mind.  If you are on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media, post you attitude of gratitude.  Share it. Make it contagious. Inspire others to think.  Follow me on Facebook and you will see mine there.  Remember .....thanksgiving is not just a time of year.  It's DAILY!!!!!  365 days a year/ 24 hours a day!!

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