Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!!  We have all the "fixins" ready and waiting for the turkey and the dressing. Yes, we have dressing and not stuffing.  We have enjoyed Face Time and talked with family on the phone.  We have had a nice quiet day at home just relaxing and not really doing a lot of anything. 

While on the phone with my Dad this morning he made a comment about being thankful about certain situations that have sorted themselves out so to speak and how things could be very different and very difficult.  I stopped and thought about that and he was so right.  We have gone through some very rough roads but when we look back, we can see the Lord and His work.  It is hard to even put that into words.  Situations that require 2 families to come together united.  For sure it's a God thing. 

So grateful for the relationship that we share with Jim and Lynn and with Deb and Heather.  We are so thankful!!!!!!!

It's a beautiful day here in Mississippi so I will stop blogging and enjoy some time with my family!!!!  Have a beautiful day!!!!!

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