Saturday, March 2, 2013


For sure not the week I had planned.  I can't remember the last time that I had a cold and stayed this sick for this long.  I mean when I actually call and get meds called in.  I actually stay home and close the blinds and lay on the couch for an ENTIRE DAY!!!! AND go to bed early.  It has been rough to say the least!!!!!! 

I was to go to a Women's Conference today at a sister church here in town.  I was really questioning whether I was going to be able to go without coughing and snorting through the entire conference.  My sweet husband encouraged me to go and if I got to feeling bad to just come back home.  The church is probably just a mile away from us.  I got up this morning and actually felt a little better and decided to go. 

Sweet how the Lord just provides me with the strength to go and to get what the Lord has for me.  It was just amazing.  Rita was incredible.  The Lord showed up and it was just awesome.  There is something about when a group of women come together to worship in music and teaching. 
God is sooo good. 
The last song we sang today was "White Flag".  We all received a white flag to wave and to keep.  It was so powerful!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh that is powerful! And glad your feeling a bit better, that cold/flu thing going around is miserable!