Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Resolutions or Change in Life?

It's the first week of the New Year of 2014.  I'm wondering where in the world that 2013 went.  So much happened and it was so busy.  I was ready just to slow down and stop and think through.  I could not but help but wonder what in the world was He thinking moving us to Maryland.  Funny that less than 2 years ago, I was thinking the same thing but I was sitting in Amory Mississippi.  There was several times that I thought we had figured out why and then it would change. We grew as a couple. We grew as a family.  We grew in our walk. We stepped completely out of our comfort zone and it was just amazing.  Now we are searching and looking for the same things.  It's VERY exciting!

This year as the year gets started, people are making Resolutions. 
-Lose weight
-Sleep More
-Drink More Water
-Staying organized
-Getting debt free

Realistically, these typically don't last very long.  I know when January and February would role around at the gym, I would dread going until March.  By March, most of those in the January and February rush had given up and said "Forget It".  I wonder how many of us are the same way in our Spiritual Life.  We make promises and agree to do this or that and with in a couple of weeks we give up!

This past Sunday, the pastor at church encouraged up to get into the habit of prayer.  Praying first in our circumstances and not as a last resort.  Prayer time that last more than 5 minutes. Reading and studying scripture. Spending time with the Father.  Now, to many, this may sound more like a resolution.  I don't think I see it as a resolution but as a lifestyle.  It is as necessary as eating, drinking your water, and getting enough sleep.  It's NECESSARY!  It can CHANGE your life!  Make is a priority!!!!  Not a resolution!!!!!

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