Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I have to confess I borrowed the title of the post from a fellow blogger from TV.  I have sat down several times to write and NOTHING.  I tried enough that I was getting frustrated with it so I gave it a break for a while.  After much prayer and time, it is time to start again.  I'm excited about what we might do and where we might go with it.  Its' going to be a lot of fun. 

We of course are in Maryland and settling pretty well.  The weather here changes more than it did in North Carolina I believe.  This past weekend was BEAUTIFUL!!!  It was 70+ degrees.  We were outside, at the park, at the zoo and had the windows up.  Monday, Kaleb was home from school because we had 5 inches of SNOW!!!!  It's just crazy! 

Allen Memorial is our new church home.  We have enjoyed every service.  We are in a "Cell Group" or "Life Group" and love the people in our group.  We are getting to know each other on such a deep level and friendships that last a life time.  Bo and I are now on the list as Substitute Teachers in the Children's Sunday School Department.  Kaleb LOVES going to church.  There is NOTHING more exciting to see him, running out the door with Bible in hand, ready for church.  He is memorizing his scripture every month for Sunday School.  It has really challenged me in my memorizing scripture as well!!! I know he is in first grade and they are really challenging the children.  The scripture he memorizes is straight from scripture and not a "child's version".  They spend the entire month breaking it apart and learning what it REALLY means.  I just love it!! 

Hubby is LOVING HIS JOB!!!  I'm so grateful and so thankful for such a blessing.  He is doing what he loves and enjoys it so very much.  Happy husband...happy wife....happy family!!!!  Thank you Jesus!!!!!! 

Physical Fitness is VERY important to me.  Living healthy and fit is key.  I love doing Challenge Groups with friends and working hard.  Cooking new recipes and learning everything that I can.  The Lord blessed me with good health and keeping it that way is very important.  I've learned a lot and would love to share some new recipes here.  Keep a look out for that.   

Life is good and I'm excited to be back!  Hope you are doing well.

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