Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter is Coming

What do you like about Easter?  Candy? Plastic Eggs? Coloring Eggs? Hunting Eggs? Plastic Green Grass? Baskets or Buckets?

What are some of your traditions at your house?  Do you have family over or go to families house?  Do you have ham or chicken? 

These are the things that seem to take our focus when it comes to Easter.  This can really be true if you have children and even younger children. I can remember hiding eggs and hunting eggs as a child.  It was just so much fun!!!!!!  We used more real eggs I think instead of plastic ones.   When my oldest was little we switched to just using the plastic eggs for hunting.  There is so much fun in hiding the eggs. 

Now that I have a 7 year old and all of the "new things" that have come into the market place, things have changed just a little bit. Resurrection Eggs and Resurrection Rolls.  I purchased a set last year and WOW!  Listening to Kaleb tell me about each one was unbelievable.   We made Resurrection Rolls on Sunday morning!  It was just precious!!!!!! 

This is what ours looks like.  You can make your own or you can purchase them at the local Christian Book Store.  It is such a wonderful teaching tool!

These are a great thing to do on Easter Morning.  Wrapping the marshmallow with the butter and brown sugar in a crescent roll.  Just another teaching tool!  Just thrills my heart to listen to Kaleb talk through the preparation. 

There are plenty of recipes out there for the Resurrection Rolls if you have never made them. 

I pray that we enjoy the fun in the Easter Holiday but my biggest prayer is that we understand what we are celebrating on Easter Sunday.  It's such a powerful day. It's a day we can't live without!  It's a day of celebration and realizing what Christ did for you and for me!!!!!!  Without Easter Sunday, we wouldn't have Eternal Life!  Without His sacrifice, we wouldn't know true forgiveness. 
If you have questions about Easter, please let me know!  I would love to share more with you!!!!!!!



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