Wednesday, September 26, 2012


WELCOME!!!!!!!  This is my new blog-site.  I am so excited to be starting a new blog I could just bust.  It has been an incredible journey and so very exciting.  The Lord made it clear about 4 weeks ago that it was time to close out Pondering With Pam.  It had been up for almost 4 years and it was time for it to close.  We, as a family, we starting a new journey.  It was just perfect timing in many aspects. 

My first blog had been with me through so much.  Learning about being a doula, teaching childbirth classes, having a baby, a new husband, a daughter that was really struggling and a son that was reaching so very hard for his dream job just to cover a few.  Not to mention all of the fabulous families that allowed me to be a part of their family for so many birth-days.  It was a journey that only the Lord could orchestrate.  The journey is not over but it was time for change and movement.  God had been so good to us and brought us so far.  It's time to celebrate that. 

During my prayer time and driving to pick up more boxes or wrapping tape, I clearly heard the title of the blog.  As I heard, I saw the focus on a sign outside of a local church.  It was if He said..."Here you go. Now, take it and run with it."  I knew that was it.  Joy in the Journey With Him and the focus being Jesus + Others + You = JOY!!! 

In the midst of preparing to move and so much happening, my birthday actually fell on the day before we were to leave.  Bo had asked me a 100 times what I wanted for my birthday.  I had so much on my heart and my mind that I could not come up with anything.  Then it hit me.  BLOG!!!  I wanted to start my new blog.  This time I wanted someone gifted, a fellow believer, someone who shared my passions to create this new blog.  So, that's how I linked up with Traci.  She is so wonderful.  She is fantastic at what she does and can just read your mind.  THANK YOU TRACI!!!!!! You can link to her blog here

So, you may ask what will be on here?  Well, I'm praying about what and how He would have me share.  It may be a personal post. It may be just a fun post. It could be just a picture or two to make you stop and think.  It's going to be a journey.  I hope you will join me. 

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  1. Can't wait to see what HE does. Miss you. Let's talk this weekend.