Monday, October 1, 2012

Bible Study

I am one to admit first that I LOVE BIBLE STUDY!!!!!  I have some that I would do over and over and over.  I also have those women that have written studies that I have done that I would do again and again. Like most of us we all have those "Teachers" that we could listen to all of the time.  I just love being involved and helping get them started and seeing the women come and listen and get so very excited and walk away changed!  Some that I have heard and many of you I am sure have either heard them teach or read a book or even done one of their studies...
Beth Moore
Priscilla Schirer
Kay Warren
Kay Arthur
Patsy Clairmont
Anne Graham Lotz
and some personal ones.....
Marsha Judy
Joann Hampton
Suzanne Billips
Peggy Bouras
Natasha Robinson

Of course I could go on and on about them.  My most favorite are the ones from Bible Study Fellowship and Disciplers and those Marsha has written. For me there is a big difference. BSF, Disciplers and Marsha's studies are ones that what you have laid out in front of you is your questions and your Bible. That's all.  There is not anything else to read. You are not reading a commentary or what the Lord said to someone else. You are hearing Him directly to you.  HEAR ME CLEARLY!!!!  I LOVE ALL OF THESE OTHER BIBLE STUDIES AND THE TEACHERS!!!!!!!  At this point in my life and where I am, I am hungry for questions and scripture. It is a matter of preference and even your place in your Christian journey with the Lord. 
His word is rich.
His word is alive.
His word is active. 
Pick it up and read it!!!!!
It will change your life. 
I promise you that!

Maybe you are like me when I first started REALLY studying.  I had no clue how. I didn't know where to start. I didn't know what scripture to use or how to figure it out.  That is where Marsha came into the picture.  She patiently taught me.  I'm so grateful for her.  I want to start by giving you a couple of tools that I use.  THIS IS NOT WRITTEN IN STONE!  You have to do it for yourself.  What works for me may not work for you. Adjust it to fit you and your time with the Lord.  He will bless you!  He will meet you where you are I promise.  YES, if the other Bible studies work for you AND you are being all means stick with them.  They are very Godly women and I would go to any speaking engagement that I could.  This is just another tool. 

Tomorrow, I will post some of the tools that I use.  Then you can choose what would work for you.  Are you excited?
Are you ready to hear from Him?
Are you ready for a new journey?
Are you ready to experience Joy in your Journey with Him?
Join me tomorrow and lets see what He does.......


  1. Marsha aka Mom is an amazing teacher - I second you there!! :)

  2. Yes she is!!!!!! I just hope she knows how much I miss her!!!!!!
    Thanks Sarah!!!!