Tuesday, October 2, 2012


So, now that we are ready!  But you may ask....What do I need?  Well, that depends on you.  I have what I have always used and many are very different.  Some don't use much and that is fine.  Some use much more than me and that is fine as well.

First- PRAYER!!!  The line of communication should be wide open and ready!  Look for Him to speak.  Ask Him to clear your mind. Clean your heart.

Second-Your bible.  What ever version that you use and that you are comfortable with. 

Third- Pen- I know that sounds silly but you know how it is when you are writing and the pen doesn't "flow" like we want.  You have blobs of ink. It won't write at times. It can be a complete distraction so make sure that you find your favorite one.

Fourth- Index Cards- These can be used in several ways.  The first is to use just one to make notes on how you are using a legend while you study.  I will attempt to post my "card" that I use.  I have a color for words such as blood, sin, heaven, will and numerous others.  It makes such a difference when you are making notes as you go. 

Fifth- Colored Pencils- If you can find a set that has erasers, you will be happy you paid a little extra.  Color coding your Bible is such a treasure.

Sixth- Notebook of your choice.  It can be as simple as a one of the 70 page spiral composition notebooks or you can use a pretty journal.  Another option is just loose leaf paper.  It's whatever you are comfortable with.

Seventh- Questions- We will discuss that tomorrow..........Get ready!!!!!!!  I hope you are ask excited I am!!!!!!!

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