Friday, November 16, 2012


Planning for Thanksgiving.  That sounds easy right?  Well, it's not that easy but we all confess that we want a nice and relaxed day to enjoy family and friends and even the football games and the parades that we all love to watch. 

This year I have decided to take a little bit of a different approach.  I am trying to do as much ahead as I possibly can.  So this is my plan at the moment.....

I have bought my onions and celery for the dressing.  Those will be chopped and sauteed today with salt and pepper and seasonings. That will be placed in the freezer.

I had baked fresh bread and kept the "ends" in a separate bag. We had also had cornbread muffins the other week and we had left overs so those were put in a bag and tossed in the freezer.  The cornbread muffins were not the sweet cornbread so I will bake those off today and toss them in with the others.

Bo will be making his famous Pumpkin Cake from his sweet Mom.  It is sooooo goood!!!!!!!  Served warm with Cool Whip and it is amazing!!!!!!! 

Turkey is in the freezer and will move to the refrigerator on Monday before Thanksgiving.  Wednesday afternoon, it will placed in a VERY large bowl and covered with buttermilk.  NO KIDDING!!!!!  I am here to tell you it makes all the difference in the world. 

Wednesday the sweet potatoes will be baked and mashed and ready for marshmallows on Thursday.

Wednesday a small batch of mashed potatoes will be made for Kaleb. Eggs will be boiled for deviled eggs and cranberry sauce will be placed in a dish and ready for service.  There will be green beans and corn as well.  Also on Wednesday, Cornbread Dressing will be made in the morning and placed in the cookware to bake off on Thursday. 

Bottom line will be this......On Thanksgiving...
I will be
heating the vegetable's
baking the turkey and the dressing
and RELAX!!!!!!! 

What about you?  Do you have a plan? 

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