Thursday, November 15, 2012

Turkey Day is Coming!!!!!!!

Well, it's not very far away.  Are you ready? Are you traveling?  Have you bought your turkey yet?  We are excited to be having our first Thanksgiving in Mississippi.  We were blessed because Hubby's work gave us the turkey.  A HUGE turkey.  Yes, I will be cooking it!!!!!!!  I can't wait!!!!!  I have planned our menu as to what we are having so hopefully Kaleb will actually eat.  He is so very picky but getting better!!!!! 

Here in Mississippi, Kaleb will be out of work for the entire week.  I was shocked when I saw that but very excited at the same time.  I have several activities planned for us to do to get us ready for Thanksgiving and teaching him what it means to be thankful and what he is thankful for.  We will be making turkeys and an Indian head band with "thankful" feathers.  He will have so much fun!!!!!!   (so will I!)

I know that I have been doing the "Days of being Thankful" on Facebook.  It's a lot of fun to do and a lot of great reading on other's post about what they are thankful.  They are so heartfelt and wonderful to see.  I wish that most of the post were like that all the time.  It is such an uplifting experience. 

I am working on reading through the Bible.  I'm so excited about it.  I am only on day 4 but it is just wonderful.  It is part of a reading plan on my iPad.  It makes it easier and it is just a blessing.  I have read this scripture before and heard the stories (Creation, Adam and Eve and Noah) even as a child.  Yet, as I read these scriptures now, they are new and exciting.  I have found things that I have not seen or looked over before.  It's just powerful!  I don't know if you have ever done it but I would so encourage you!!!!!!!!! 

Have a wonderful day!!!!!  What is on your menu?  Are your cooking or traveling or both?  Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!!!!

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