Saturday, December 15, 2012


Funny how sometimes it's the little things that get to you.  Yesterday, after this tragedy in Connecticut, we were in WalMart getting a few things.  Kaleb was riding on the cart as we were preparing to get into line.  A very nice older gentleman stopped us in the isle and proceeded to say "How can anyone hurt children like that?"  We chatted for a brief moment and went on after him telling us how sweet and cute Kaleb was.  Of course we agreed with him.  His question just rang in my head. 

We came home and proceeded with watching whatever we had on DVR while I was baking cinnamon pecan bread as fast as I could.  I just felt that I needed to get done and have some snuggle time with Kaleb.  It was just difficult not to just loose it while I was finishing up.  Kaleb has no idea what has happened and we tend to leave it that way for as long as possible.  Kaleb is such a tenderhearted child and a worry-er.  I'm sure at some point he will hear it at school and we will cross that bridge at that point. 

After finishing my bread making, I found myself not being able to keep my hands off of Kaleb.  Just wanting to snuggle and love on him.  I'm sure he thought I was being silly.  I have to tell you that putting him to bed last night was almost chilling.  Tears filled my eyes taking him into his room, sound to sleep, and laying him in his bed and covering him with his covers.  My heart thought and broke for those precious parents that didn't get to do that last night.  Oh Jesus, forgive me for taking things so for granted!!!!!!

I will admit that I haven't watched or listened to the news today.  I have been on Facebook VERY little.  We will never forget yesterday!  May the Lord just comfort the families!!! 

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