Saturday, December 1, 2012


Random Acts of Christmas Kindness
Our church is doing this here in Amory.  We are to start it on December 1st.  It's for the 25 days before Christmas.  This is so easy.  I can't wait to do it.  I'm hoping to get Kaleb in on it.  He loves doing these kinds of things so this will be a perfect time of teaching.  So, we received in our bulletin a list of things to do.  I thought I would share them here and then maybe it would encourage you to do something like this.  Pastor Allen said that if 200 people would do this for 25 people, would be 5000 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.  We don't live in a big town, so can you imagine what that would start?  I'm so excited!!!!!  We even have these neat little cards that we can use if we want to. 
It says...
You've been RACK'ed this Christmas season by someone from First Baptist Church, Amory.  We are counting down the 35 days of Christmas by performing RANDOM ACTS OF CHRISTMAS KINDNESS each day.  You are a child of God and we pray you find His blessings this Christmas season.
Here are some of the ideas that we were given.
Buy a pack of gum or mints for the checkout clerk at a store.
Clean up an elderly persons yard.
Bring donuts to the police station and fire station
Pay for the person's meal behind you in the drive-thru line.
Leave a treat on a neighbor's doorstep anonymously. (Don't just ring the doorbell and run)
Give a treat or cup of coffee to your garbage collectors.
Leave a note and a gift in your mailbox for your mail carrier.
Tape quarters to a vending machine.
Write 3 Thank You notes to people who have blessed your life in a small, yet meaningful ways.
Gather and put away the shopping cars in a parking lot at any store.
Volunteer an hour of your time at the FBC Preschool.
Volunteer to keep a busy mom's kids so she can shop.
Buy a bag of groceries for a family in need.
Take snacks to the Gilmore ICU waiting room.
Offer to help someone carry shopping bags to their car.
Invite someone who may be alone to your home sometime during the holiday season.
Prepare a meal for a family who may have someone in the hospital
Give up your parking spot for the convenience of someone else.
Take the list and run with it!!!!!!  This is my Christmas Challenge for you.  What will you do?  Do you have more ideas?  Please share them.  I have a few more ideas.  I'll post them for you on another day.

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