Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What If....

Sunday in Sunday School we were having a conversation about what was important. The question was also asked what was important about what was important to you about your spiritual life/walk.  They had posed the questions to the youth and then we were answering the questions and listening to what the youth had to say.  It was amazing!!

We took the conversation a little different and talked about the influences not only in our children's lives but even in ours and the distractions that come as well.  I was really thinking and praying to the point of tears by the end of the closing prayer. 

The question was posed.... What if you gave up TV or one hour a day and read scripture, time praying and/or reading a devotional?  Do you think it would make a difference?  I just wanted to stand up and shout YES!!!!!!!!  The more I thought about it and the more I was just praying and thinking and hearing what the youth answers were I was just overwhelmed.  Some of the answers to the question just broke my heart.  (these are not word for word) but not reading scripture because it's to hard, not enough time, not sure how to study it, etc.  Our teacher, Tim, talked about how as children and even youth we only teach our children about Moses and the Red Sea, Jonah and the whale, feeding the 5,000.  We haven't taught them about the Crucifixion and who did that.  We haven't taught our children about Stephen. We haven't taught our children about Saul/Paul. 

I totally agree with teaching at age appropriate.  That is not my point.  My point is that we teach and encourage and instruct but we drop the ball at taking it to the next step.  Do we have devotionals for our children?  Do we read the scripture with our children?  Do we teach them how to read and study the Word?  I will be the first to tell you I haven't!!!!!!!  For that I am so sorry.  It will be changing in our home for sure.  Conviction was all over me. 

So what about you....
What if you.....
gave up your cable?
gave up your Facebook for 2 weeks?
gave up your TV for one hour every night?
gave up your books for 2 weeks?
You took that time to read The Word, Prayed, Read a Devotion.  Would things change?  Would your life with and in Christ change? 

I've been challenged.  How about you?  I will be thinking on this for a while!

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