Wednesday, December 12, 2012


So, we are 12 days from Christmas Eve and 13 days from Christmas Day.  Are you ready?  Is your calendar over flowing with more activities than you have time for?  I know our calendar is doing that and we seem to be adding more every day!!!!!!

We have Christmas Musicals at church, Pajama Day at Kaleb's class and a Christmas Party.  Bo is having his department Christmas party here in our home.  I am excited!!  We are doing a covered dish party so there is not a lot for me to do which of course makes me VERY happy. 

We have a sweet friend here in Amory and she had seen a post on Facebook with a picture of my bread that I have started making.  I enjoy making it so very much.  I actually make it with 2 hands and yeast.  No bread machine here!!!!!  Anyway, I made her 3 loaves the other day.  We were talking and the next thing I know, I am making a loaf of cinnamon pecan bread.  It was amazing!!!!!  I will making more of that.  It was so easy and so very tasty!!!!!

RACK----Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.  This has been so much fun.  I actually RACK'd my Mail Lady and our Garbage Men.  It was so much fun!!!!!!  I have some others planned and I will let you know how that goes.  I even got RACK'd in the McDonald's Drive-Thru.  Granted, I knew Robert but it was just a neat experience.

Christmas is coming and I have so many things planned.  Kaleb gets out of school next Wednesday.  I have bought some stuff from Michael's so we have a projects to do.  Of course we will be making cookies and by all means a "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake.  Kaleb is now old enough to help more and so I am sure we will have a lot of fun doing that!!!!!  It's going to be great!!!! 

I read a blog today that was recommended by a friend of mine at church.  I took the time today and read through the post today.  It has had me thinking all day.  Of course, I will continue to think on that and post about it tomorrow.  It was just amazing.  The title started and then it just kept going.  Guess will have to wait til tomorrow to hear about that!!!!!

Last but not least, Word for 2013.  Have you thought about yours?  Have you been thinking and praying about what that word might be?  I know I am leaning towards one and it is scaring me silly but I'm open.  He will have to probably knock me over the head but that is what He usually does anyway!!!!! 

Lots to write about and share.  Hope you are having a wonderful week.  Remember that He is the Reason for the Season and We are the Reason He Came!!!!!!

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