Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pure Unfiltered JOY!

So my friend JoBeth post this blog and says "Read this".  Title- All Worship is Fake.  Excuse me! was my first thought until I read it. It was a very thought provoking post. 

I kept thinking about it all day.  You know how you read something and then you can't get it out of your head.  Well, that is exactly what this was.  It was just so much to think and pray about.  I hope you will go and read through the post on his blog.  Would love to hear what you think.

I had just a couple of things that really stuck with me.
-Worship when we don't feel like it.  This for me is so very difficult.  It is hard to worship when something is happening in our personal life or spiritual life or even financial life.  It's difficult.  It's hard to worship when you feel like your world is just simply falling apart.  At the same time....that is exactly what we should do and need to do.  When I am overwhelmed and feel like things are not right, I need to worship. It is hard to do but once it starts and really starts and the worship's just beyond words what happens.  Even in the midst of the crazy chaos of this world, worship can take you to His presence and there is no place better!

- He used the scenario in his explaining of the person that has won the Lottery.  Of course there is shouting and screaming, people falling on their knees and clapping and crying and running around telling everyone what has happened.  The point is, that there is "pure unfiltered JOY".  Let's take that and run with it.  I love my church in Greensboro.  It is a wonderful church!!!!!  When I first started attending there, it was very traditional. It was very typical.  Over the years there have been changes.  Many changes in the freedom that people feel in the church and their expression of that.  Raising your hand or hands during worship and music and vocally agreeing in prayer was not happening 20 years ago but today......That is what you will experience there.  They have a contemporary service with clapping, slight swaying, hands raised and agreement in prayer and people all over the altar during an invitation.  Now some may not be comfortable with this. It might not be something you would ever do.  For me, it is exactly what he described "pure unfiltered JOY"

-We attend a church here that is very traditional. We love our new church. We love our new Sunday School Class.  In our services there are no hands in air during worship music and I do miss that.  We sang a song the other week and for me NOT to have my hand up would have been disobedient.  I just had to.  We have agreement during prayer.  Miss not praying on the altar.  It's different and it's great and we love them dearly. 

-So what is the point-- If you are not a hand raiser, prayer agreeing, clapping, slightly swaying, stay in your seat person, that is OK.  I'm great with that. It's between you and the Lord.  On the other hand, if I am sitting next to you and my hand is up, I'm swaying, agreeing during the prayer, clapping, slightly swaying or at the altar praying, just know that what I am experiencing is "pure unfiltered JOY".  It made me think about my worship experiences and being in the presence of my Lord.  Totally open before Him.  Oh what freedom! 

-What about you?  How would you describe your worship? For sure something to consider and think about.  When you worship, is it just going through the motions or is it "pure unfiltered JOY"? 
Would love to hear from you on this......

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