Monday, December 3, 2012


Can you believe that 2013 will be here in a matter of weeks?????  Where in the world has the time gone?  Well as some of you know, I usually pick out a word for the year.  It's not to early to start praying and thinking and seeking the Lord to find out what your word might be.  Mine last year was for sure one that I hung on to.  It ended up being what I would call a "Double Word".  I'm already thinking about next year.  I have a great friend back in NC and her word was Joy.  She took photos all year of things that brought her joy.  It was such a neat experience to log on to Facebook and see her photo's.  

What about you?  Do you have a word for the year?  I would love to hear yours.  I will for sure share mine.  It is something so precious.  Just listening for it is great!!!!!!

For you of those who maybe new to my blog, my Word for 2012 was Desperate Dependence.  I learned this over and over and over!!!!!!!!  TOTAL DESPERATE DEPENDENCE!!!!!!  Looking back over this past year.  Those are the only words that I can even ponder and consider. 

Kaleb turned 5
I became a Mi-Mi
Hubby changed jobs in April
I was settling into working at a hospital
I had a great job
Hubby offered a new job IN A DIFFERENT STATE!
I left my job.
Hubby accepted new job IN A DIFFERENT STATE!
Leaving children and grandchildren
Leaving family
Leaving friends
Leaving a church home
Kaleb starting Kindergarten
Kyle ventures out on his own
Moving to another state
Don't know a soul
Get to be a stay at home Mom
Get to participate at school
New church family
New friends
New adventures
New home
New town
Missing children, grandchild, family
Missing friends
In all of this!!!!!  Desperate Dependence on Christ!  He has brought us through so much!  He is so faithful!  Blessed beyond measure!!!!!!!

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