Thursday, January 24, 2013

Book Of Job - Part 1

So we have a new study in Community Bible Study.  The book of Job.  My first response was “Oh My!”  I had been listening to it on my You Version while doing my reading through the Bible in a year.  I would get frustrated with the people giving the advice and get frustrated with Job and his response and then the Lord ever so gently reminded me that I am no different at times.  I’m either acting or being Job or I am giving such advice as Job’s friends. So I chose to sit back and EXPECT Him to show me some new things in this book of Job and what He has for me.  I’m excited and can’t wait to see it.  I thought I would give you a little bit of what we learned about in this first week.  They are more “points” so to speak.  So let’s get started.

·         We don’t know who wrote it.  There are all kinds of speculations.  One thing that was brought up in our group is that we may not know for sure but whoever did, had knowledge of this conversation between God and the enemy.  Can you imagine what that is like?  To know about such a conversation?  It really made me stop and think.

These following thoughts are more from the “Teaching Time” with Rita.  I take no credit for any of these things but I am still pondering and wondering and praying about them. 

·         Job (we) has an enemy.  That enemy is Satan.  We can’t see him but he has one goal and that goal is to take us out! 

·         First impressions are important.  We are told that Job is blameless, upright, feared God and shunned evil.  My first thought was that when people see me and get to know me, do they get that as a first impression from me?  Something to consider.  Moving to Mississippi, I do think about first impressions with the people that we met. 

·         He had a genuine concern, love and passion for raising and loving his family.  Having 7 boys and 3 girls plus spouses, his family was large.  He was sacrificing for his children JUST IN CASE they had done something wrong.  He was bringing his children to God when things were good and for sure when something was wrong, I am sure that Job was right there showing and teaching them how to make that relationship right again.  Question posed was…..Is it our regular practice to bring our children to God when things are going right?  She talked about her grandchild and how he tries to sing Jesus loves me.  I was so convicted about this.  Do I point my children to the Lord?  When things are good? When things are bad?

It was a powerful lesson and it was only on the first 5 verses of Job 1!!!!  Wow!!!!!!  I’m excited about diving back into studying!!!!!! 

Have you ever studied Job?  It’s going to be awesome!!!!!!!

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  1. I studied Job a long time ago:) Excited to read about what you are learning