Saturday, January 12, 2013

Elohim or Yahweh or Both?

This is something that I read in our Sunday School lesson that just really made me think.  Of course then it asked a question or two.  I'll share it as a quote and then share the questions and let you ponder them.

Based on Genesis 1:1-5 and Genesis 2

 Gods transcendence, power, and authority are what command creation into existence.  The very named used to describe Him in the account of creation above is Elohim, the common name of God in Hebrew that means mighty, powerful, and exceedingly great.  All created beings, including mankind, owe their allegiance to this amazing God because there is none like Him;there is no other God who has such power and authority, such bigness and transcendence.
At the same time we see the author of Genesis take a moment to retell  the story of creation in chapter 2, this time with a subtle yet crucial difference.  In the second account we see Moses refer to God as "Lord God".  This name is different from the first.  It doesn't describe an attribute or role of God but instead calls Him by His personal name: Yahweh.

 Can you think of some reasons Moses would want to give us two perspectives on the same creation story by referring to God in two distinct ways?

 What do you think he is trying to tell us about God?
This was powerful!  Something to consider and pray about!!!!!!

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