Friday, January 11, 2013

Exciting!! or Been-There-Done-That

This past month I was working in the yard.  Since I'm not employed so to speak at the moment, I try and do as much as possible around the house so that Bo doesn't have to worry about it.  Anyway, I was blowing leaves.  This has become a weekly occurrence due to the trees we have.  As I was blowing them to the curb I was just thinking and having a sweet conversation with The Lord.
When we first moved here and we realized we would have to have yard equipment, you could not keep Kaleb away from the leaf blower.  I mean, he wanted to do it ALL THE TIME.  The day I was out blowing I could NOT get him to come out the door.  He was inside playing and there was not going to be any interruption what so ever for him.  He was fine where he was.  My thought went to how much that is just like us.  When we find The Lord for the first time or we have had a wake up call that we are not where we should be, we are ON FIRE!!!!!  I mean we are at church every time the doors are open, we are on every committee at church, we want to win the world!!!!!!  And then it happens......the newness is gone. The thrill has left.  Reality has returned and we are right back to settling for the everyday. 
As I continued my yard work that day I was so convicted.  I don't want to settle.  I don't want to be complacent. I don't want to let the excitement wear away and just sit.

 Maybe you have settled.  Maybe you are sitting on the couch. Maybe you have lost your excitement.  Oh, please pray about it.  Seek Him.  He loves you sooooo much!!!!!!!!

 This is a new year.  Start it off excited and ready to see what He is going to do!!!!!!

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