Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Left My Heart in .......

INDIA/NEPAL!!!!!  I'm always amazed at how the little things that come in to my head or see a picture and then the memories just blow me away.  They just flood my memory and I can almost smell the smells of that precious land.  I never dreamed in a million years back in 2000 that I would ever set foot in India and much less Nepal.  I was just amazed when the Lord called and I answered. 

JL Williams of New Directions International had come to preach that night at church.  Marsha (My Other Mother) and Tim had already committed to going.  I sat and listened and prayed and the only thing going through my head and my heart was......"Lord, when is he going to be done so I can commit to go!!!!!!!!"  I don't think the first words of the Invitation were sung before I was at the altar, tears streaming down my face and hugging Marsha and telling her "I'm going with you".  I was just amazed. 

We went that year and then we went again the next year.  It was something that you never forget.  Something that changes your heart.
Something that changes your vision.
Something that changes your sight.
Something that changes the way you live.
It was something that still to this day leaves me speechless!!!!!! 

I found some pictures on the Internet so I don't take credit for any of them but just wanted to share them with you.  Things that I have seen.  Things that I have experienced. Things that broke my heart. 

Holy Cows sitting in the middle of the street
Maha Kumba Mela- Hindu Festival-Only every 144 years
There were MILLIONS of people there that day that we were there!!!!
Aerial shot of the people.  It was overwhelming.  We stood on the banks and could not do anything.  We witnessed millions of people washing in a river and everyone of them lost with out a Savior.
Stupha in Kathmandu Nepal.  Buddhist Temple
Typical shopping area.
Typical area in Nepal, notice the Holy Cows?
Crematoria on the river.  This is up stream from where the people are bathing in the same river.  They cremate the body and them push the ashes off into the river.
Entrance to Red Fort in Agra India
Red Fort- So majestic appearing
Taj Mahal was absolutely amazing.  You must remove your shoes when you go in.  Just mind blowing!!!!  It's such an incredible place and the realization that it is a tomb.  You see the columns on the corners are built at such a slight angle.  You can't really see it when you are standing there.  The lean away from the Taj so that if there were ever an earthquake, they would fall AWAY from the Taj.  INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!

India and Nepal, Oh how I pray for you. Oh that the Lord would allow me to come to you again some day. I just wanted to share part of me and what the Lord can do when you are least EXPECTing it!!!!!!!!


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