Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Well, we are moving right along.  We had an incredible time on Sunday evening with some wonderful women that I just love dearly!!!!!!!  We shared!  YES WE SHARED!!!!!!  Leading a Bible study is always a wonderful experience but I am always afraid that people won't talk and they all stare at each other.  It's not a good feeling but NOT THE CASE!!!!!!

We were real.  We were open.  We are all in this together.  I heard two ladies state the same thing and it has just stuck with me all week.  We may all be in different places in life but we can share and encourage one another.  AMEN Sister!!!!!!!

This week we talked about chiseling.  It sounds painful.  At times, it is painful!!!!  Yet, in the end.....The Master will complete His work and we will look more like His Son, Jesus!!!!!  That's my desire !!!!!!!!!! 

We all have our UNGLUED moments.  We can make a choice in how we want to deal with them.  Before reacting.....speak softly....."Lord Chisel Me."

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