Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Job- Week 2

Let me just say once again, and I will probably say it every week, this is just one of those books that when you read it and study it, you are just reminded of how powerful The Word is.  It is just amazing to me. 
This week we discussed this conversation between satan and the Lord.  The audacity that satan takes upon himself to even come into the presence of the Lord is just mind boggling when you think of it.  The other thing that Rita reminded me is that we are the Lord's.  The Word says that the Lord says, "Have you considered my servant Job?"  Sit on that for a minute.  The words "my servant".  I am his.  The Lord is saying...."That one is mine."  When I just stop and think on that I am just overwhelmed.  Then it gets even better.  "Job".  He doesn't say...'That man over there with 10 children and land and security....He says "Job".  I mean He knows us by name.  Can you wrap your brain around that.  Let's make that verse a little more personal.  Fill in your name when you read it.  "Have you considered my servant _________"  Makes it real doesn't it!  He know us. We are His. IT'S PERSONAL!!!!!

All of these things happen to Job.  He looses his animals, his children, and his health.  Scripture says that he tore his clothes, shaved his head.........and fell to his knees in worship.  WOW!!!!  Let's really look and think this through.  This is a man that within a matter of a few hours has lost his camels, his oxen, and 10 children AND has been covered with boils.  Yet he falls on his knees in worship.  REALLY?  Could I do that?  Could I really fall on my face in worship if I had lost it all?  I would hope that I could.  Do I think that I would have Jobs attitude....The Lord gives and the Lord takes away?  I'm not so sure.  I believe that I would probably go through those stages of loss and grief before I could be there. 

If you have lost something. Maybe it was.....
a friendship
a relationship
a parent
a sibling
a child
a teenager
a child you never got to hold
a spouse
a house
a car
what would your reaction be?  How would you respond?  I can only pray that I don't have to loose something to worship Him.  I want those words to be continually on my tongue......The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, yet I will praise Him.  He knows what is best. His ways are higher than mine. He loves me and those that I love more than we can ever imagine. 
Job has a lot to teach us.  I pray that this will get your mind going today.  Focus on HIM!!!!!  Realize that He loves you!  If you are going through something.....He already knows.  Cry out to Him!!!!!!!  He's right there!!!!

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