Sunday, May 5, 2013

Real....NOT Real...??

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day.  We talked about being real.  I mean really REAL!  Like when you go  Are you real?  Are you the person that walks in to church with a smile on your face and the appearance that all is well, life is perfect, you have NO struggle and NO difficulties? 
I know I have been that way.  I have walked into church after having a disastrous morning with children now wanting to eat what was prepared, not wanting to wear what was laid out, disagreement with the Hubby and we walk in THE PERFECT FAMILY>>>>>totally NOT REAL!
We have a group of women that we love dearly.  They know everything about us.  We can walk into a room and they can see through the FAKE from the moment they lay their eyes on you.  They know you that well. 

I had a couple of friends like this in Greensboro.  I could have a rotten week.  I could have been struggling with something that I had not told a soul about.  I may have missed my quiet time with the Lord for several days. YET, I could walk in the room with a smile on my face and on the inside, falling apart, and they could nail it EVERY TIME!!  I mean EVERY TIME!!  It was almost weird.  At the same time, it was almost a relief that there was absolutely NO walls of pretend and I could be TOTALLY honest and TOTALLY ME!!  It was wonderful!  No matter the situation, they take me right back to scripture and my Jesus

Since moving to Mississippi, I am meeting so many wonderful people.  I am so excited about it!!!!!  At the same time, some of those relationships are growing and becoming more and more personal.  I'm excited about that.  I miss my friends from NC more than they will ever know. 

My prayer is that all of us have "those friends" that we can be REAL with and not worry about what they think but look past our faults, love us anyway and direct us back to The Father!!!!!!

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