Monday, June 10, 2013


Sunday during worship, our Pastor preached an incredible sermon about relationships.  It was one of those that just sticks with you.  I wrote 2 FULL pages of notes.  I couldn't write fast enough.  I thought I would share with you some of what he said.  They were so simple and things that I had heard before but it was like I hadn't heard it before.  It was just amazing. 

Based on Philemon 1-25

Refreshing Relationships.....(He had me right here.) (I haven't heard this before)
These are the kind of relationships that we need in our churches.
**Built on Solid Foundations
-Eternal Value
-Eternally Built
All of these have something in common-they are surrendered to Christ. 
Caused me to really thing about the relationships in my church family.  Are they and do they have eternal value and eternally built?

**Relationships bringing about sincere thankfulness
In the book of Philemon Paul talks about mentioning Philemon in prayer with thankfulness.  We all have those people in our lives that when we think about them or mention them that we smile or have a thankfulness for them.
The question posed of
-When others hear your name- are they excited and ready to work with you?
-Are you that Kind of person  that people are thankful for you?

**Relationships boosting a sweet refreshment
- Joy and encouragement
-People that are sweet and refreshing
-Being used by the Holy Spirit
-Contagious in the sense that we have something and people want to know what it is which gives us the opportunity to share. 

The thing that had me really thinking is that I want this kind of relationship, not only with my church family but outside the church family as well.  It's a lot to think about and consider but I am so grateful for such a Pastor that shares The Word!!!

What was your message on Sunday about???  Share !!!!!!!

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