Sunday, July 7, 2013


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Well, I was brave and posted on Facebook about looking for some new topics to write about.  Just be careful when you do such a thing.  A sweet friend from NC posted several different ideas and I just knew when she posted them, they were exactly what I needed to do.  It was an answer to prayer and she didn't even know it!! Thank You Amanda!!!!!

So what are the topics you may ask???

Topic #1- Attributes of God.  How exciting is that?  I went looking for some that would be great to write about and there are so many of His attributes that I could write about.  Here are a few that I found that I am hoping that we can venture into.  - Eternality-Good-Grace-Holiness-Justice-Love-Mercy.  I thing that will get the ball rolling. I think we will have a great time digging into these attributes. 

Topic #2- Purity- That in and of itself is a layered word.  It will be great digging!

Topic #3- Servanthood- One of my favorites!!!

Its going to be exciting.  I love digging and reading and sharing.  I hope you will jump in and follow along!!!!!!


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  1. So excited to hear your thoughts on these topic!!