Friday, June 28, 2013

Moved To Tears

Have you ever had those moments that catch you by surprise? 
They catch you so by surprise that you are brought to tears on the spot?
Have you thought about those that you know that may not be spending eternity with?
Have you thought about those that you may not know that won't be in eternity with?

We were standing waiting for a ride in the happiest place on earth.  I was so taken back. I have seen women dressed in this fashion before.  For whatever reason, standing there that day, I had tears flowing.  There was no holding them back. My heart literally broke.  I was completely overwhelmed.  The thought that kept running through my head...... She is not going to be spending in eternity with me.  I was a mess for a while. 

We have now returned back to reality but I can still see this woman.  I have her picture on my phone.  I didn't take a picture of her face.  I made a point to not get a picture of her children.  My heart was broken.  Remember that it was probably 90 degrees outside.  It was HOT!!!!  She is dressed in her full Burka from head to toe.  The only part of her I could see was her hands and her eyes.  She had heavy black shoes and full jeans underneath her Burka.  She was patiently standing in line with 3 precious little ones.  It was a heart awakening moment. 

What bothers me, not only seeing her was the fact I said NOTHING!!  I could not get close to her. They were just to far ahead of me. I couldn't even make eye contact with her.  It really made me question could I share with her if I could have gotten closer to her?  What would I have had said?  At the same time, I was convicted.  Thinking about this woman and her faith is a part of who she is all the way down to how she dresses, walks and talks. You know her faith just by seeing her.  The question for me people know I am a Daughter of The King?  Do I relate to others in a way that they know I am different and Jesus is what the difference is? 

What about you?  Would you say anything or keep walking? Something to consider and think on.

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