Thursday, June 27, 2013

Me...a Mentor??


I had shared with you that I had been doing some reading.  One of the books that I have read is called WITH- A Practical Approach Too Informal Mentoring written by Alvin Reid.  It was such a wonderful book.  It was a very easy read and I would recommend it to anyone.  It really applies to everyone.  This is not something just the Pastor of the church or the Youth Minister does.  This is something that EVERYONE in the church should be doing. 

I can remember a time a long time ago that we had a Mentor Program at our church.  We called it Heart-To-Heart.  It was absolutely precious!  I was assigned to a VERY Godly woman that made such a huge impact on me.  She sent me notes.  She called me.  She encouraged me.  It was something that I needed so much at that point in my life.  This past weekend, we walked into our church in NC and there she was.  Sweet Mrs. Faye!!!!  I pray that she knows what an incredible impact she had on me.  Now at Cornerstone, they have an incredible group of Mentoring Women that is just incredible.  They read! They share! They pray! They study! They are VERY accountable! It is just awesome!!!!! 

I have heard it said that if you are being mentored that you should be mentoring someone behind you.  It's a responsibility, I believe.  There are many women in my life that have mentored me whether they realize it or not.  The question that came to me over and over...... WHO AM I MENTORING?  Talk about conviction.  It was almost overwhelming!!! 

I wanted to share with you 2 of the acronyms that Alvin shared in his book.  They have really stuck with me. 
F.A.T- Faithful. Available. Teachable
the other
R.E.A.D.Y- Reliable. Excited. Authentic. Daring. Young

What about you?
Do you have a Mentoring Program in your church?
Are you a Mentor?
Who has Mentored You?

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