Monday, December 16, 2013

Moment of Speachlessness

I'm not really sure that "speechlessness" is really correct but it's the only word that I could think of.  I experienced something today that I have not experienced in a VERY long time.  I was totally blown away with blessing. 

I had been running here and there all day picking up this, dropping off that and finally made it over to the post office to mail 2 packages.  I figured that since I was there I was going to go next door to Salsarita's.  I haven't eaten there in so long and it just sounded so good.  I had worked my brain in overload about what I was going to get when I got there.  You know how it is when you want something so bad that you can taste it.  Well, I waited patiently in line to mail my 2 packages. 

Finally.....Salsarita's....Here I come!!!!  I was so excited.  My mouth was watering.  They even had a lunch special.  Burrito in a bowl with a drink on Monday's.  Yes, I'll take that.  Rice, black beans, chicken, peppers and onions (instead of queso, I was trying to be good), black beans and corn salsa and a handful of jalapenos.  YUMMY!!!!!!!  I could taste it while she was preparing.  I got in in my little bag. Got my drink. I was right on time to pick Kaleb up at school.  BOOM!!!! 

BUT.....It was clear that was not going to happen.I am for sure that the Lord had other plans for me. A lesson learned and a blessing in the process. 

As I am placing my delicious, taylor made burrito in a bowl in the car, a homeless gentleman was walking by about a car length away.  He was gracious and asked if I could just get him something to eat.  He had on a blue jacket and jeans that were old by appearance.  I was in a hurry. I had somewhere to be. I politely said, "I just can't today, I'm sorry" as I put my treasure in the car and shut the door and pulled away.  I got less than a block away and I could not drive another block.  I was having a conversation with the Lord and I was so convicted.  It was overwhelming!  I turned my car around and told the Lord, he could have my food if he was still there.  I saw him when I was pulling in.  He was talking to another gentleman about getting food.  I rolled down my window and handed him my treasured burrito and my drink.  "You are such a blessing today, Thank you Jesus".  I could say NOTHING!!!!!  I pulled away with tears rolling down my cheeks. 

The Lord reminded me that it was just yesterday that we were talking about what all we have and so many don't have what they need.  It was a lesson well learned.  It was an experience that made me stop and thank Him for all that He has blessed me with and confess my attitude of ungratefulness and taking things for granted.

As we are all getting ready for Christmas this year and we are running around getting all that we "think we need", don't forget about those who don't have.  Maybe it's dropping extra in the red buckets for the Salvation Army, food for the local Food Pantry, giving your treasured burrito to a homeless gentleman.  Whatever He ask of you, please don't miss the blessing!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

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