Friday, December 6, 2013

When He Moves....

Sometimes people ask what makes you want to move?  My immediate response.. "God Did!"  Yes, Bo got a new job opportunity.  First and foremost it was Him!  When He moves, you follow.  So let's look at what we were seeing......

Bo was offered a position.
School for Pam
School for Kaleb- best in town
Timing- moving over Thanksgiving break for Kaleb
Lease on the house in Amory-worked out!
Perfect apartment- same floor plan as our condo in NC
Kaleb's Classmate is moving to Baltimore at the end of December
My friend Kristy....her cousin live 1/2 mile from us
Lots of churches in the area
Spending Thanksgiving with family on our way to move
Kyle has time to come and help us unload and unpack
Kyle will actually come and visit now (free place to stay)
Finances were perfect
We are going to dinner with friends this coming Saturday night

Now....when I see this and look at things through HIS eyes and not mine....There was no other option!

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