Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lessons Learned

While in Mississippi I learned so much. 
I learned about who I am.
I learned dependence.
I learned strength.
I learned passion.
I learned what my calling is.

I learned about who I am.- We jumped in to First Baptist Church Amory with both feet.  I'm not sure they were ready for that.  I look back on it now and it seems we came in with both guns blazing. The church that we attended in NC was very different than where the Lord had placed us but it was for sure a God-Thing.  It was amazing.  I had attended A LOT of Bible studies in NC.  I had even Substituted for the leader at times.  I had not be the "Teacher".  We moved to MS in September and in October, I stepped up and before I knew it, I was leading a Bible study for the precious ladies in our Sunday School Class.  After many discussions with some, I was not sure if anyone would even show up.  I HAD 16 WOMEN!!!!  We had 2 Bible studies.  It was absolute dependence on the Lord.  Talk about finding out who you are!

I learned strength. I learned that "I can do all things thru Christ who gives me strength".  I found that my strength can do absolutely NOTHING!  Finding out that your brother is ill and in the hospital and you feel like you are a million miles away and totally helpless.  You find out that a friend has been diagnosed with a rare leukemia and your son always says "I'm fine", when you ask him how he is handling things and you can't do anything. Finding out that you can help with a VBS that is put together rapidly and your church has more children than they have ever had before and your adrenaline is running and you are praying over all the children in your class EVERY day and it takes a week to recover.

I learned passion and what my calling is.   Many of you know me and have known me for some time.  I have worked in the medical field for YEARS!!!!  When we landed in Mississippi, I was planning on working in the schools as a Substitute Teacher.  I had never done that before but thought that I could do that!  It would be great!  I had no idea what this was going to do to me.  It would literally turn my world completely upside down!!!  During VBS last summer I taught 3rd and 4th grade.  I NEVER thought that would be the age that I enjoyed.  Well, I had 31 in my class during VBS and fell in love with them.  Well......I finally was approved to start Substitute Teaching.  There was a 4th grade teacher named, Mrs. Greenhill, who was out one day and I was called to Sub for her.  I thought...."No problem".  I walked in and was blown away!  The class was 80% of my VBS class!  They weren't sure whether they should call me "Mrs. Pam" or "Mrs. Kennedy".  It didn't matter to me.   Mrs. Greenhill ended up having to have surgery.  GUESS WHO GOT TO SUB FOR ALMOST 4 WEEKS???  ME!!!  I could not wait to get to work.  I could not wait to see the kids every day. Yes, we had our moments.  We had a lot of fun!  I Fit!  I was inspired. There was something about teaching math and watching the light come on!  It was awesome watching them enjoying reading Helen Keller. That group of kids had an impact on me that they may never truly understand.  During my stay in their room, my brother was ill.  They would ask about him almost daily!  It was INCREDIBLE!!!!  All of that being said, I am hoping to return to school starting in the summer for a degree so that I can teach!!!!!  Mrs. Keaton and Mrs. Greenhill......THANK YOU! 

The Lord can use your situations and circumstances and places for HIS glory.  Look for it!  Seek it! Ask Him for it!  Just hang on!!!!!  He just might rock your world!


  1. Loved this post! Loved learning more about you and where God has taken you!!