Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Learning and Learning More!!

Since we have landed in our new church home, we are now apart of a "Cell Group" or a "Life Group" depending on what you want to call it.  We are a small group that is growing.  We not only grow in number but also in fellowship, friendship and growing in our relationship with Christ.  It is so exciting. 
I wanted to share the 2 items that we are covering during our times together.  They are so simple but can really challenge you on your Christian living, thinking and relationships with those around you.

First is the book we are reading and studying.  "The God I Never Knew".  OH WOW!!!!!  I am hoping to start blogging on what we have learned and discovered.  It has so changed my thinking about the Holy Spirit.  He is apart of the Trinity but we so often call him an "It" or a "force".  I will be sharing more on that for sure!!!!!

Secondly, we are going through "The Nine Arts Of Spiritual Conversation".  This has been a real eye opener in how we share our faith.  Typically we think of the people we invite to church and then we leave it to the "professionals" at church to lead them to Christ.  This takes it to a whole different level.  If you sit down and take someone down the Roman Road and expect it to happen right there.....well, it just might BUT, maybe they need you to listen to them, pray for them, talk to them.  Those are the steps we miss. We are talking about all of this and how it really changes your perspective on sharing your faith.  I am sure I will be sharing about that as well. 

I hope you will jump in.  I want to hear from you!  What do you think?  Have you read the book?  Have you thought about Spiritual Conversations?  EXCITING TIMES!!!!!!

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