Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Nine Arts of Spiritual Conversation

Well, the title could almost scare you away when you read it!  Please don't let is scare you.  They are very easy and just plain common sense. 

The Nine Arts are...
-Asking Questions
-Serving Together

Seems very straight forward.  It is the basis to building relationships.  There in lies the key.  The relationship is everything.  We have been going through these steps in our Life Group.  We spend 2 weeks on each section.  It has really changed how you look at people.  It is absolutely mind blowing.  I want to share these with you. 
Most have been involved in the "techniques" and "methods" and "programs" about how to share our faith.  Anything from standing on a street corner to cold door knocking.  Sometimes, these methods work.  Sometimes they don't.  For someone that has questions as a non-believer, it will take anywhere from 7 to 13 interactions before they come to the point of realizing their need for a Savior.  Seven to 13 times!!!!!!  That's A LOT!!!!!  This is where this is so simple and so straight forward.  I just absolutely LOVE IT!!!!! 
Have you shared your faith? Do you know HOW to share your faith?  This is so exciting!!!!!  I hope you will stick around.  Check in and read along with me as we go through these.  I'll go ahead with the first 3 Arts and keep going as we go through them with our Life Group.  You don't want to miss out!!!!!!!!

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