Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer is COMING!!!!!!!

Just wanted to stop in and give you an update.  God has been so very good!  I'm amazed and He just continues to blow me away!  I realize that I should not be shocked because He loves His children and blesses them continually. 

My brother was actually discharged today!  He went in about a week ago to be "put back together" after his major ordeal back in October.  What a few months it has been but as I said, the Lord has been gracious and blessed us!  His surgery went great and he is on the road to recovery!  He had no ill effects from the anesthesia this time and was up on the side of the bed that evening.  So very grateful!

My "Overcomer" Lynn has been through so much! She has fought such a battle and has never lost her faith.  She has been through extreme radiation, extreme chemotherapy and has received her Bone Marrow Transplant.  She has endured all of the side effects and has done so well.  Every week we have prayed for her during our Life Group Meetings.  It's been such a blessing!  

Life Group continues to be our high-light each week.  There is something so precious and yet so powerful about learning, growing, praying, fellowshipping and of course, eating with brothers and sisters in Christ!  We have grown as group so much we are getting ready to as Pastor Michael says, "Birth" into another group.  Our group will divide into 2 groups and then continue on.  It's just amazing!  It's such a blessing! 

Kaleb continues to blow our minds.  Of course there is never a dull moment in the house for sure!  He has received straight A's on his last report card and his progress report.  He finished out his season in the Youth Bowling Team.  He came home with 3 trophies, 1 patch and 2 plaques.  I'm not sure who was more excited, Kaleb , us, or my parents.  He and Bo are bowling in an Adult/Youth Summer League.  Kaleb bowled last night for the first time without bumpers.  He did so good and had such a great attitude about it!  Very proud of the Little Man! 

There are just a few more things to share about the Nine Arts and I will be getting to those n the next couple of days.  I am using them and they make such a huge difference.  The people that I don't know and the fact that I make eye contact with someone is just mind blowing to some of them.  I'm sure they think...."Obviously, she is not from here"......I just smile and keep going! 

My prayer life has grown by leaps and bounds since reading and studying and being in our Life Group.  It is something that can be so simple and yet we miss it.  We talk to others. We talk to family. We talk to friends. We even talk to our spouses.  We need to FIRST talk to HIM1!!!!  I'll share more on that later. 

Now that you are caught up, we will be sharing a lot this summer.  Please join in!!!!!!

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