Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2 MORE DAYS!!!!!!

FINALLY!!!!!!!  Kaleb has only 2 more days of school!!!!!!  I know he is excited!!!!!  He hasn't figured out that he has been in school since the first of August.  That is what happens when you move in the middle of the year!!!  We have been so very busy but we have had so much fun in the process.  

We have been so excited about what the Lord is doing. Well, let's just share some pictures and you will see......
Kaleb has been playing Coach-Pitch Ball and LOVING IT!!!!!

Life Group Women!  Powerful Prayer Warriors!!!!

Went to NC and visit with my brother!!!!

Kaleb was able to see some of  his GREAT friends in NC!!

We got to visit with Dylan and Tonya!

Nick graduating from High School and visit with some GREAT FRIENDS!!!!

WE ARE MOVING!!!!  This is our new house!  We are SOOOO excited!!!!

Kaleb picked out his room!

Visit with KYLE!!!!!!  Not sure who had more fun!!!!

Bo and I are going to be teaching 3rd Grade at church in the FALL!!!!!


God has blessed us so richly!!!!!!!!!

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