Saturday, September 29, 2012

God Told Me

While getting Kaleb ready for bed the other night, we were having discussions about sleeping and being ready for Kindergarten.  Bedtime is sometimes a challenge.  He had bunk-beds when we were in Greensboro.  He has SO many toys and his room had become very messy before we moved.  He had decided that he was "afraid" of his room.  What it actually boiled down to was the bunk beds.  There was all of the sudden something about having the other bed on top that was really bothering him.  I mean bothering to the point of screaming and crying at bed time. 

When we moved here to Mississippi we decided to set his room up with his beds separated.  Thinking that would help but we were wrong.  The other night he had his bath, pajamas and we had done our typical nightly stuff.  I said, "Kaleb, time for bed".  He quickly without any hesitation at all. 
"Mom, I can't go to bed in my room."  Of course I opened the door and asked, "Why not?"  Out of his mouth came. "God told me I can't sleep in there." I wasn't sure what to say. I didn't know whether to laugh or just shake my head and keep going.  Well, to say the least, he did actually sleep in his bed and is doing very well with sleeping in his room now.  We still have times of wanting to sleep on the couch or somewhere else but typically ends up in his room.  

It really make me stop and think after he had made such a bold statement.  This is what I have been thinking for the last few days.
-When was the last time God told me something?
-When was the last time I heard someone else say that they had heard from God?
-Do I realize it when He speaks?
-Do I share (when supposed to) what the Lord has said to taught me?

It really has had my brain going.  Scripture says to hunger and thirst after the Lord.  If I (we) am truly hungry and thirsty for Him, I'm going to hear Him in some shape or form.  Just as if He were answering me like I would Kaleb, the answers could be the same.  Yes. No. Wait.  All of that being said, it was something I thought I would share.  Something to make you think. Something to make me think. 

Praying you are hearing from Him.  When have you heard from Him?  Feel free to share!!!!!!! 

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