Thursday, October 18, 2012

Catch Up!!!!

Just sharing some pictures today.  Great "eye-candy" that has NO calories!!!!!!
First Day of School

Sliding at Circle Y Pumpkin Patch

Barktoberfest in Amory

First Field Trip- Circle Y Pumpkin Patch

Daddy with His Kitchen on Wheels!!!!

Our Front Door and Porch

Learning our Sight Words- 2 new ones ever week

Post-It Notes----Mom's best friend

Peaches actually WON!!!!! 

Pumpkin Patch Trip

So proud of his pumpkin

Kennedy Lawn Service In Action

Kaleb's Room- Mom's Pinterest Project!!

Mom using this time to write!!!!

Lake down the street- Feed the ducks, fish and turtles

Hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!!  Back to His Word Tomorrow!!!!!!  Are you ready?????

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