Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Are you a Sponge?

Phil. 2:12-13  Even as the Philippians were obeying in Paul's presence and even while he was away, they were growing.  They were learning, working and being followers of Christ by working out their salvation.  Let me be clear here.  Works will not save you!  Faith saves you and the works that flow out of that faith is what causes you to grow.  We could work all day, every day and no matter how good, how wonderful or how much of a blessing we are- without faith it doesn't matter.  All of those good deeds won't get you any where.  Faith in Christ.  Faith that believes He is who He says He is.  Faith that believes He can and will do what He says He will and can do.  AMAZING!  He loved you and me so very much that He was willing to go to the cross.  He would die a criminals death and be buried in a borrowed tomb and be raised again on the third day to ascend to the right hand of the Father.  Can you and I even come close to wrapping our tiny human minds around that?  Do you believe it? Do you understand it? If we have enough faith to believe that He did this for us- How can we not be busy about the Father's work.  How can we just sit by and act like a sponge. 
Let me explain.  A household sponge that soaks in all the water possible and is left to sit will start to smell and stink and eventually will get moldy and mildew.  On the other hand a sponge that is being used to fulfill it's purpose is filled with water, cleans and is rung out.  What comes out when it's squeezed is what it was filled with, cleaning water.
You and I are like this and we can be useful or we can be stale and stinky.  We can be the first sponge.  We can go to Bible Studies, Sunday School, Worship and we can soak it all in.  BUT we don't "do" anything with it.  We are just busy soaking.  After a while we are a  little hard hearted, a little bitter over someone or something and before long we are wallowing in our mold and mildew and we just reek.
OR we can be like the second.  We go- we listen- we pray and the we squeeze a little for service in the community or squeezed again for service within the church-squeezed again when finances are tight, kids are not obeying and what comes out is what we were just filled with at the last service or lesson.  Sweet, fragrant offerings.  The second sponge doesn't get stale and smell and stink. It's being used, poured out, cleaned and refilled.
My question-
Which sponge am I?
Which sponge are you?
For sure something to consider. Working out my salvation- Faith without works is dead.

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