Sunday, March 17, 2013


Life keeps going!!!!  There is always something happening and something going on.  I am so grateful for the friends that I have made here on so many levels.  They have just amazed me!!!!!!

I have received my "letter of approval" from the school board stating that I can be a substitute teacher here in Amory.  This was a process for sure but so grateful for the help.  I am anxious to get in the classroom with the children!!!!! 

Kaleb had his first "fundraiser" at school.  Being in Kindergarten, he had not done one before.  The key for us is that in Amory there is ONE Elementary School.  You don't have 6 or 8 competing and all selling different stuff.  Amory is a small town.  Everyone we know goes to the same school.  So appreciate friends and family here and there (in NC and Ga.) that have bought stuff so that Kaleb can participate. 

Still amazed at how the Lord continues to bless.  I finally got to meet with the Women's Ministry Director the other day.  She is such a delight and we are on the same page.  I'm super excited about it!!!!!!

The Ladies from my Sunday School class are meeting next week to talk about what to do next.  We have talked about a bit of everything from Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, Community Bible Study and even Disciplers.  It's exciting to see this group of women excited and wanting to get together for more study and getting closer to one another!!!!! 

The other blog over on Pam's Pantry Idea's is noting the other progress that I'm making on the P90X journey.  Journey is putting it lightly but let me tell you, it is SOOO worth it!!!!!  I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!  You can check it out when you have time. 

I hope you are doing well.  I'm excited to see what is next!!!!!  Joy In The Journey!!!!!

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