Monday, March 18, 2013

Prayer Life

Well, that word usually sends people to look down at whatever is in their laps and all you see is the tops of their heads, especially if you question them about their prayer life.  Oh please don't do that.....haha.
This can be a tough and a touchy subject.  The question is,,,,Should it be?

Your prayer life is personal.  It is personal time that you spend with the Lord.  I think sometimes we don't know how to do it. 
Maybe we have never been taught.
Maybe we don't know what to say.
Maybe we are afraid we will do it wrong.
Maybe we are afraid that He will ask us to do something we aren't wanting to do.
Maybe we don't think He will answer.
Maybe we don't think He will answer the way WE want Him to answer. 

I am not here to tell you that mine is perfect. I'm not here to tell you that I know all the answers.  I'm here to encourage you.  Encourage you to spend time with Him.  I've learned a lot of methods, if you will, on prayer.  The key is that you have to figure out what works for you and your time with Him. 

Let's spend some time on this topic and see where we end up.  We can do this over the next few days.  I think it will be exciting to talk about and share.  I know that a lot of people do better with a method or fill in the blank type or even certain things to pray for on certain days works for some.

 I treasure prayer time.  It is one on one time with the Lord.  Could there possibly be anything more precious than time with Him.  Let's think about this for a minute.  You, yes you, have the full attention of the Lord.  Let that sink in for minute.  REALLY SINK IN!!!!!  Why in the world would you want to miss it!!!!!  The other thing that we have to remember is that prayer is communication with the Lord.  COMMUNICATION is 2-way!  That means that we don't pray/talk the entire time!!!!!!  It requires us to BE QUIET!!!  This can be VERY hard and VERY difficult.  What we have to remember is that He has something to tell you.  He has something to share with you.  SSHH!!!  Listen!  Don't miss it!!!!!!

I can tell already....This is going to be a great journey!!!!!  Hang on to your hats and let's get ready to ride!!!!!!!!

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