Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Prayer-Part 1

So we started discussing prayer and your prayer time the other day.  It is an exciting time and I can only pray that you see it that way.  I spent yesterday running errands and listening to my iPod plugged in the car.  A friend of mine had shared the group Jesus Culture on Facebook and I absolutely LOVE their music.  It's one of those things that I just keep playing over and over and over.  I just get lost in it!!!!!  While doing all of the running around yesterday, I spent that time in the car talking with the Lord.  Do you ever do that?  I mean where it's just you and Him.  Praising, listening, worshiping, sharing, hand raising, tears falling kind of communication with Him.  It was as if He was sitting right there in the car with me.  It was incredible!! So let's get started on this.......

The major piece of my prayer time would be.....well, would be 3 pieces. 
1. My Bible
2. A Pen
3. A Prayer Journal.

Yes, as women we love to go and get the pretty ones.  We love the flowers and the verses on every page and the scripture on the front but let's face it, those can be expensive.  There is nothing better than a 70 page spiral notebook from WalMart or the Dollar Tree. 
Secondly is the pen.  Yes this may sound silly but it is soooooo important.  If your pen won't write. If your pen leaves ink blobs. If it only writes every other letter, you know what I'm talking about it.  Get one that you love!!!!!  Put it with your notebook and keep it there!!!!!!
Most important...YOUR BIBLE!!!!  ALWAYS have that during your quiet time/prayer time.  You can read scripture. He may take you to a scripture. Have it ready to go. 

These are the physical tools that you might like to have.  But....there is another important part......we will do that tomorrow!!!!!!! 

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