Thursday, March 21, 2013

Prayer- Part 2

So yesterday we talked about the physical parts of a prayer time.  Today lets discuss the personal part of your prayer time.

The condition of your heart. What's going on in there? Is there anger, bitterness, striff, joy, peace, tension or some other emotion that you need to address? Imagine if you will, your heart being a pitcher. You pick it up and pour it out. I mean dump it all. I want you to feel that comfortable with your prayer time with the Lord that you can literally just pour it out. The wonderful part is that.....He Already Knows and He's Big Enough To Handle It. Really think about that. He already knows what's been going on. He knows you are trying to handle it by yourself. ITS NOT WORKING!!!!! Let Him have it!!!!!!!!

Prayer time is hard for some because they need to be quiet. We are women and we LOVE to talk!!!!! SSSHHH!!!!! Be quiet and listen. He speaks in those moments. We get so busy giving our list of "I want" and "I need" that we forget to stop and listen. We just need to be reminded to listen sometimes. 

When you are having your prayer time, use your notebook.  If something or someone comes to your mind, write it down.  Pray for that person. Pray for that situation. Pray for whatever He brought to you.  Jot it down in that notebook.  If it was a person, send them quick text, e-mail, or FB message that says you prayed for them today.  If it is a situation, keep that in your notebook and watch the Lord work.  Write about what you see Him do in that situation.  It will amaze you!!!!!!  It may not be over night, in 2-3 days or even 2-3 could be 2-3 years and that's ok.  You keep doing what He ask of you and pray. 

He is so very good to us.  He just longs and waits for us.  Find your place to have a set prayer time.  Maybe it's on the edge of your bed.
Maybe it's at the kitchen table when everyone is still in bed or gone to school/work
Maybe it's sitting in the car-rider line an hour early
Maybe it's sitting on the balcony or back porch
Find your spot.....HE WILL MEET YOU THERE!!!!!!!

Just a few more pieces to add to your prayer time......

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