Wednesday, April 24, 2013

God Is Good

Yes He is!!!!  Sometimes we just need to step back and look.

I know I have been away.  Life was crazy there for a few days.  I'm getting to work at the schools here in Mississippi and that has been such an experience.  I'm a Substitute Teacher.  It's great!!!!!  I've had 2nd grade, High School World History (that was eye opening!), Elementary Music Teacher for K-2nd and then at the end of the week I get 3 days of 5th grade Science.  I am just amazed at what these kids are required to know.  In the 2nd grade class they were "diagramming" sentences along with learning unbelievable math concepts.  All grades including Kindergarten now have to do "presentations during the year in front of their peers.  Just amazing!!!!!

In the midst of the blessing of being around these kids, I am teaching/leading another Bible Study at church on the book of James.  WHAT A BOOK!!!!  I'm just amazed every time I open His Word.  I have studied James before on different occasions but once again, there is more.  More to learn. More for Him to speak. I just love to study!!!!!!! 

He blessed us with the opportunity to go to Biloxi MS for Bo to go to a conference.  Of course, there was a beach and that meant running and pool time for me.  Mom and Dad stayed with Kaleb so we could go.  BLESSING UPON BLESSING!!!!!! Mom took care of the inside and Daddy overhauled the yard and it looks FABULOUS!!!!!!  They are such a blessing and there are just no words to adequately express that and Thank You seems so small! 

His blessings are so rich.  His mercies are new every morning. I'm just gratefully overwhelmed if that makes sense at all. 

Have a blessed day!!!!

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