Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Excitement!!!

Yesterday I told you about the Prayer Journal yesterday.  Let me tell you more.  This is just more to show how much He is working.  We had been talking about prayer in Sunday School.  We had a great class on Sunday.  It was one of those times where I knew that I needed to keep my mouth closed because I don't think I would have known when to shut it if I had started talking.

 The question was posed......  Why should we pray?  Why do you pray?  I thought......oh my could I just start and never stop.  I was about to bust.  It was one of those moments when The Lord just had to keep me quiet.

 So here we are, ready to start a study on James.  Ready to put together a Prayer Journal.  This question is posed in Sunday School and I'm thinking....oh thank you Jesus!!!!

You won't believe this......there is actually will have to wait until tomorrow.  We went to service after Sunday won't believe it.

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