Thursday, April 11, 2013

Once Again!!!!

 So, lets back up in case you have missed anything.

 James is the new Bible Study

 Prayer Journal to be assembled

 Teaching on Prayer in Sunday School

 Questions posed in Sunday School about why we pray.

We walk into service and BOOM!!!!!!  We discuss waiting in The Lord.  How after the resurrection that there was a period of waiting for the Holy Spirit.  As Brother Allen said, He was hangin' out teaching his followers about what was to come.  When Brother Allen started talking the thing that I kept thinking was, that is what my prayer time feels like sometime.  It was overwhelming.  Prayer-time with the Father.  Talking, conversation that is 2-way!  Then it happens once again.  He challenges us to be praying.  Oh my!!!!!  He closes with this challenge......

Begin praying that the Holy Spirit will make His presence known.  Calling upon Him!  Genuine seeking and calling.

Really?  Really?  How much more do I need?  How many more times does He have to say here you go?  Thank you Jesus!!!!!!



 Ps....I'm going to answer the question(s) that was posed in Sunday School.


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